Synopsis – Somewhere In The Heavens They Are Coming

The war had broken out as many do, with no warning. The alien ships swept into the western reaches sector like lightning, spreading death on a massive scale. Six worlds had been sterilized in the first attacks until they had barely been stopped at the planet Redoubt. Billions had died. There followed a vicious series of battles centered on the Redoubt system, including the largest fleet actions in history.

Another system was sterilized as the Terran Federation found itself suddenly in a desperate situation. The Imperial fleet and those of local planetary governments struggled to redeploy. At the same time systems throughout the empire converted production facilities to dedicate them to desperately needed military output. If the heavy losses already suffered were not replaced with great speed and then some, humanity would be on the brink.

In the eastern empire the enemy struck again at Falmouth and only the intervention of their Parrallaxian allies saved the day. A vast week long running fleet action had been fought and the enemy was again barely beaten off. A century before, humanity had met Parrallaxian and a bitter war had been fought. The humans had won but the Parrallaxians had proven a tough and honorable enemy who over time became cautious allies. When the humans were suddenly attacked there had been a faction that wanted to break the treaty with the Federation and attack them again. The leader of one of the major clans, T’rell K’raxis, squashes that attempt very publically at the cost of much political capital as well as risk to himself. It was a damn good thing because Falmouth and much of the eastern empire might have suffered as the west had if he had not.

The enemy is faceless and uncommunicative, eventually thought to be a race of AIs. While it became obvious they could understand human language, they spurned all attempts at communication except for a few rudimentary messages used to cover viruses and worms being transmitted to sabotage AIs. Federation AIs had determined the enemy could fully understand their language and for whatever reason did not wish to communicate. The actual messages were merely misdirection.

At last two enemy systems are discovered across the great deep to the main Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. As Somewhere In The Heavens ends, a major raid is being launched against one of the new found enemy systems in the first real counterattack.